Bombillas y lámparas LED por conexión

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Bombillas y lámparas LED por conexión 

  • Bombillas de rosca E14, E27 y E40
    Bombillas de rosca E14, E27 y E40
  • Bombillas dicroicas GU10 y MR16
    Bombillas dicroicas GU10 y MR16
  • LED QR111, ES111 lamps and recessed GIMBAL
    LED QR111, ES111 lamps and recessed GIMBAL

    Our couple LEDs and QR 111 high quality lamps have a useful life that can reach 50000 hours. As LED PAR lamps QR111 do not contain mercury and produce no UV or IR radiation, they are completely safe for people and the environment. LED PAR and QR111 lamps meet the parameters of quality approved by CE, RoHS and FCC. LED PAR lamps with E27 and QR111 Cap with connection g53a allow to replace the halogen bulbs and AR111 conventional and represent a savings of up to 75% on electricity consumption. They are designed for professional lighting in shops, shopping centres, etc. The pair 30 run to 220V AC while running the QR111 12V DC, therefore in need of an additional driver.

  • Bombillas bipin G4 y G9
    Bombillas bipin G4 y G9
  • LED PL lamps
    LED PL lamps

    Our LED PL lamps are the benchmark for efficient consumption at a low cost. Respecting and even increasing the lighting conditions, the LED PL lamps can save between 60 and 80% of energy compared with low consumption lamps. Our LED PL lamps are of reliable quality and long lasting, have an input voltage 85-265V, do not cause interference nor flashes and are certified by CE (EMC & LVD) and ROHS.

    These LED PL lamps are used in you conventional downlights replacing the low-consumption. These LED PL lamps are also suitable for the home. Our PL LED lamps have 2 years warranty. They have a rotating base which allows you to direct the light to the desired area. Duration up to 30,000 hours, according to use. Suitable for shops, offices, schools, clinics, etc., achieving savings of up to 80% as well as an excellent luminosity thanks to high brightness SMD 5050 LED chip.

  • LED R7S lamps
    LED R7S lamps

    Our LED R7S lamps have a high luminosity and energy efficiency; they are the ideal solution to replace the linear halogen lamps from 70W to 3000W. In addition, LED R7S lamps last up to 10 times more than their conventional equivalents (30,000 hours against 2,000 hours) can say that between a traditional bulb and a lamp R7S savings in consumption ranges between 80% and 90%, resulting in a significant reduction in the electricity bill. That LED R7S lamps are gradually build its position in the market. In addition a lamp R7S LED resistance is much greater than the conventional glass, by being made with epoxy resins.

    You can also manipulate without problems, while the conventional linear halogen deteriorate by simple contact with the fingers of the hand. The R7S LED do not suffer the filament burn, since they lack it. LED R7S lamps temperatures are much lower, even under extreme conditions, which translates in the indicated savings and greater reliability and duration. On the models of 6W and 10W LED SOLINTEL offers R7S lamps with new high brightness LED COB (chip on board) technology and long lasting.

  • Packs ahorro de bombillas
    Packs ahorro de bombillas
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