Iluminación interior

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Iluminación interior 

  • Wall lamps
    Wall lamps
  • Embedded lamps
    Embedded lamps
  • Reading lamps
    Reading lamps
  • Bathroom lighting
    Bathroom lighting
  • Table and ajustable lamps
    Table and ajustable lamps
  • Floor lamps
    Floor lamps
  • Ceiling lamps
    Ceiling lamps
  • Square and rectangular LED panels
    Square and rectangular LED panels

    LED panels are an excellent solution for offices or local commercial, and can also be used in the home. Lieu of classic panels of fluorescent tubes and are manufactured in various sizes. With these panels LED will get significant savings on your light Bill; between a LED downlight or one traditional advantages are lower consumption (can be reduced by up to 70% with respect to the traditional downlights) and the long-lasting LED models. Our LED DOWNLIGHT are available in cold, natural and warm tone. With our downlight LED will enjoy a cheap and very effective lighting for long years.

  • Waterproof LED screens
    Waterproof LED screens

    Ligthing for LED tubes. Allows internal and external use. 

  • Technical lighting
    Technical lighting
  • Linear LED
    Linear LED
  • LED tubes
    LED tubes

    The use of tubes LED achieves energy savings that can reach more than 60% compared to traditional fluorescent tubes; In addition the LED tubes have greater durability, up to 35,000 hours; i.e. the LED tubes have a shelf life up to 5 times greater than that offered by fluorescent tubes. The LED tubes require no maintenance, just generate heat, and they can be installed in places of difficult access, thus avoiding extra expenses for maintenance. It is important to note the maximum profitability of the LED tubes that normally depreciation of LED tube is achieved in less than 2 years. It is the ideal product for car parks, communities of neighbors, stores, shops, hospitals, public buildings of all kinds, etc lighting

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