Profiles for LED strips, LED strips. LED modules

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Profiles for LED strips, LED strips. LED modules 

With our LED strips you can create environments and decorative lighting. With the LED strips of LEDSOLINTEL can decorate and give atmosphere to the most varied projects and ideas: for lighting under shelves, highlight objects, walls, ceilings or structures, giving indirect light indoors, architectural lighting, light spaces that can change color, contour circular and square spaces with indirect light. We have several different articles in the area of LED strips: LED strips with change of colour, high brightness LED strips, waterproof LED strips for lighting outdoors, etc...

These LED strips are very easy to install, they can be cut to the desired size (respecting court connections), to select the length that we want. Just attach them to the power supply and ready. Some models of strips can be used to a certain extent with built-in source (see possibility for a particular type of strip led by email)

  • Tiras LED profesionales cortadas a la medida
    Tiras LED profesionales cortadas a la medida
  • Strip LED to 12V and 24V
    Strip LED to 12V and 24V

    The 12V and 24V flexible LED strips are the most common, flat and self-adhesive strips, different colors are used as indirect light to illuminate ceilings, profiles of objects, halls etc. For operation, this type of strips are connected to a transformer.

  • LED strips to 220V
    LED strips to 220V

    Flexible LED strip of high voltage which is connected directly to the mains of 220V using a driver, is manufactured with high quality components, allows a high heat dissipation and they are waterproof thanks to the transparent PVC cover. For its flexibility and high brightness, it is ideal for creating a quality lighting in all kinds of ambintes, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Drivers and drivers for flexible LED strips
    Drivers and drivers for flexible LED strips

    Drivers for flexible LED strips are as mission to provide a continuous stream, usually 12V, to devices that need this type of food, such as strips of led AR111 lamps, dichroic MR16 type, etc. Our transformers are designed to work with all kinds of lamps that incorporate LED technology, avoiding the problems that occur when a transformer electromagnetic or electronic we slaved to an LED lamp. We have a wide range of drivers or transformers, from 15W to 200W power (0.1 to hasta16, 7 at approximately). At the range, we have IP20 protection up to IP67 protection.

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