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Ceiling lamps 

  • Recessed LED downlights
    Recessed LED downlights

    With recessed LED downlights you can replace the classics downlight for kitchen and bathroom, or downlights of offices, commercial, etc., with these downlight LED will get significant savings on your light Bill; between a LED downlight or one traditional advantages are lower consumption (can be reduced by up to 70% with respect to the traditional downlights) and the long-lasting LED models. Our LED downlight are available in cold, natural and warm tone. With our downlight LED will enjoy a cheap and very effective lighting for long years.

  • Hanging lamps
    Hanging lamps
  • Surface LED downlights
    Surface LED downlights

    The surface LED downlights are intended for lighting home, shops, offices, provided that the height of the ceiling is not higher than 2.70 m... at a very reasonable price. They perfectly replace conventional downlights of 2x26W. Their different powers (6w, 12W, 18W,...), shapes (round, square), colors (white, silver, chrome,...) and facilitate us their use in any room of the home, the office or trade.

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