Technical lighting

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Technical lighting 

  • Rings, cardans, embedded structures
    Rings, cardans, embedded structures
  • Ceiling LED spots
    Ceiling LED spots
  • Track lighting
    Track lighting

    Ledsolintel has lamps and luminaires suitable for forming part of technical projects of lighting. When you need to illuminate a space as a function of certain features(luminosity, angles of opening of the lens, power factor,...), the solutions provided by our company will help the technician, architect, decorator or electrician who use them.

    We count with luminaires of leading firms in the lighting sector that are sure to meet the demands of the professional. Our lamps and luminaires chosen for technical lighting of the spaces meet with all the guarantees and requirements to perform to perfection the function for which they have been designed. Manufacturers such as Beneito Faure, Faro, Roblan, black light, etc. have for years been developing solutions for the sector.

  • Magnetic tracks
    Magnetic tracks
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