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Industrial lighting 

Campaigns LED we sell in several powers are a reliable, economical and environmentally friendly option with the environment to illuminate vessels, areas of work, etc., with 50% savings compared to other technologies, such as halide, sodium, etc...

Our high power LED campaigns are ecological and saving. In the same way as the rest of the products we sell, our campaigns reach a light efficiency well above other options. 

Thinking about the characteristics that you should have all good industrial lighting (reliability, duration, stability, etc, LEDSOLINTEL has selected a series of high-end lighting fixtures, characterized by use of top quality components and high brightness (up to 150 lumens/Watt) leds.

Our industrial lighting luminaires are fabriacadas with:

Led next-generation (Osram, Samsung, Sharp, believe...)

Sink high conductivity aluminum and anodized.

Power supplies brands.

Optical variables to provide a versatile product.

Most of the luminaires are manufactured in Spain by the firm ASN-LED, national leader in this type of lighting.

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