LED emergency luminaires and fluorescent. Approved professional torches

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LED emergency luminaires and fluorescent. Approved professional torches 

The emergency lighting is that intended to be used in the event of a failure in the power of the normal lighting. Autonomous emergency lamps are normally used (with LED or fluorescent).

These emergency luminaires are characterized by having all its components (battery, lamp, command and control if devices) contained within the luminaire.

The emergency luminaires are distinguished by:

  • luminous flux: lumens declared by the manufacturer of the luminaire 60 seconds after the failure of power (0.5 seconds in luminaires for hazardous work areas) and maintained in continuous mode until the end of the assigned operation duration.
  • autonomy: time declared by the manufacturer during which assigned luminous flux is emitted.

The emergency operating in three different modes: 

• Alert. The emergency light is waiting for a failure of power supply for operation.

• Emergency. The emergency light provides lighting being powered by its internal energy source, after a failed normal feeding.

• Rest. Status of a luminaire of emergency that has been turned off intentionally while normal feeding is interrupted or that has passed autonomy or assigned duration and has not restored normal feeding and in the case of return of normal power, returns automatically to alertness.

Ledsolintel can provide the complete regulations on the use of emergency luminaires.

In this category we offer you also approved professional torches for ships, firemen, civil protection, railways, etc.

Flashlights and emergency luminaires are Spanish manufacturing and comply with more stringent regulations regarding manufacturing and safety.

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