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PAR LED bulbs 

LED PAR lights replace halogen and meet their same functions but with a much smaller heat generation and power consumption. They are ornamental bulbs that operate at 220V (the usual power in Spain), projecting the light at a small angle and are intended to highlight specific areas, especially in commercial places, but they are also valid for the home in places such as kitchens or places of reading. 

LED PAR lamps are fixed: the diameter of the PAR30 is 97 mm and the PAR38 is 122 mm. Among other uses, they are valid for the lighting of shop windows, exhibition halls, galleries, jewelry and posters.

If you need more versatility in your lighting, on this website you can find the category LED QR111, ES111 lamps and recessed gimbalwhich brings a series of bulbs with the same functions as the pair LED but which are also adjustable, so can be used in a variety of contexts.

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