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Outdoor lighting 

In this category you will find numerous models of outdoor lamps, particularly suited for porches, terraces and gardens. Products such as appliques, beacons, sobremuros or streetlights, here with the best supplements for decorative lighting that let him shine on summer evenings.

  • Outdoor wall lamps
    Outdoor wall lamps

    The Barcelona brand Lighthouse outdoor sconces are suitable for all kinds of use wall lamps. However, its high dust and moisture protection (ip44 or higher) make them especially suited for outdoor use, either as decorative lighting in the main facade or lighting up a terrace, a porch or a gateway.

  • Beacons

    The beacons are small floor lamps (usually less than one meter) intended for exterior use. They are a soft lighting intended for ornamental purposes either to define paths or highlight specific details in a garden.

  • Wall washers
    Wall washers
  • Recessed lighting
    Recessed lighting
  • Stake lights
    Stake lights
  • Lampposts
  • Outdoor table lamps
    Outdoor table lamps
  • Foot lamps
    Foot lamps
  • Ceiling lamps
    Ceiling lamps
  • Outdoors and transport spotlights
    Outdoors and transport spotlights
  • Over wall lighting
    Over wall lighting

    The sobremuros are the smallest range of lanterns of foot, with just a few centimetres in height. Its format reduced them makes perfect, as its name indicates, to illuminate walls, divisions or corners foreign, or as source of light between the plants of a garden.

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