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As experts in the LED lighting field, we have created LEDSOLINTEL based upon two fundamental ideas:


  1. Offering a high quality illumination, specially designed to your home or business neccessities.
  2. Decreasing the cost of your lighting consumption between a 60 and an 80%, thus contributing to economic savings and the enviroment protection.


We provide you the most innovative products in the market, based on last technologies, which are not always well known nor used. We know how to help you on this subject, and our current customers can certify it.


  • We run a complete study of the illumination and electrical consumption of your house, office or store.
  • We propose you the illumination plan that is most suitable for your neccessities, optimizing the consumption and granting a more modern atmosphere to your business.
  • We always use the leading brands and cutting-edge products (LED lamps, induction lamps, etc.).


While the new electrical bill you'll receive will be between 60 and 80% lower, we guarantee you that there will be no lighting qualiyu loss whatsoever.

Through our catalog of efficient illumination products, we bet for a future with infinite variations in illumination and high economical and environmental values.

Illumination represents, in many residential or office buildings, a vast percentage of the total electrical consumption, even exceeding 60%, and LEDSOLINTEL helps you reducing it in for a great amount.



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