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Conditions for professionals (installers, decorators, etc.)

If you are a professional linked with lighting (installer, decorator, technician, etc ...) and interested in working with us, you should know that:

  • LEDSOLINTEL prices are adapted for multiple client types. If you want to hear about economic conditions, contact us by phone or email and we will respond quickly.
  • The main providers are LEDSOLINTEL Spanish leading companies in the lighting sector, such as BENEITO & FAURE; ROBLAN; ASN-LED; ECOLUX; "MUÑOZ E HIJOS, ALEALUZ, LUZNOR, TRQ, etc. All they guarantee the quality and durability of its products.
  • LEDSOLINTEL no matter oriental products of low quality and lacking brand. For any problem, both LEDSOLINTEL as manufacturers or traders in Spain are reachable and responsive at all times.
  • LEDSOLINTEL adapts its services to the needs of its customers and is committed to providing the most suitable products according to the budget, the installation location, characteristics, etc.
  • The lighting allows you to convert any room into a pleasant, beautiful and well designed place, but also turn it into something hostile. Using lamps unknown origin and quality is always a gamble; for a comparable price, LEDSOLINTEL guarantees satisfaction of any customer always using the best brands.

    Contact us at:

    +34 881 99 13 83

    +34 698 15 55 66


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