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After several years dedicated to lighting, LEDSOLINTEL business policy remains clear: only sell products whose quality and origin can be certified, so that no customer is left unsatisfied with your purchase and can claim their security in case of technical failure. We also work directly with the manufacturer, or, in the case of some companies located abroad, with its official distributors, so that there is never delegate to intermediaries.

If you do not meet our producers and wants to know what is best suited to your needs, this is your place.



Beneito Faure


The highest range of the products we offer in Ledsolintel comes on the heels of Beneito Faure.

This Barcelona-based company that manufactures LED lamps are probably the highest quality of the Iberian Peninsula and is gaining a deserved reputation in the international market. Always attentive to innovation and use of advanced technologies, Faure Beneito premium quality in technology and design above all else.

The three consecutive quality controls to subject their bulbs to ensure that their material is shipped always in perfect condition and that defective products are virtually nonexistent. Although their products are higher than prices of competition, this is offset by a lamp whose light has an unbeatable quality, attractive and modern design and safety and durability that few manufacturers can offer.

All their products have a warranty of between 2 and 5 years.


Lighting quality and unsurpassed construction.
High durability.
Security against defective products.
Sober, accurate and current design.


Higher than the price of other brands (although the savings involved the transition from traditional lighting to LED and product durability always pays the medium-term investment)

Especially recommended for:

Where good lighting is needed, especially luxury boutiques or business-centered and contact with the public prove crucial.
Villas and apartments design and, in general, households with a stylish decoration that give importance to the environment and light.



In its 40 years of existence, Roblan has become one of the Spanish reference marks in the lighting market both in the country and the UK, Africa and Latin America. Despite his seniority they have adapted to the vagaries of technology and have made a line of LED products whose quality achieved in many cases outstanding.

Its catalog includes a range of high or medium-high quality, regardless of the luxuries of other brands, are perfectly able to meet or exceed the needs of customers. Some of their products, such as LED tubes are among the best options available in the market at any price range.


High quality products valid for all areas and needs.
Durability and energy savings.
Optimum value.
Quality and backed by over 40 years of experience services.


Finishes and light are slightly lower than luxury products.

Especially recommended for:

A great product overall.
Its affordable price makes them perfect for lighting all types of homes and businesses, especially those where the value that luxury is more valued.

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